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If you are sick or feeling sick see a doctor.

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Wear a mask and seek medical attention if you have symptoms .

Wear a mask and seek medical attention if you have symptoms .

Promoting Dance Education, Music, & Movement


Reading Literacy programs,

Community Education Resources, Educational Support programs,Skills Training, Fall Festival, Homeless Giveaway & Holiday Assistance

Our Mission-Prominent Chapters Corp is a non-profit tax exempt and tax deductible organization. Dedicated to meeting the needs of the community.  Our goal is to serve  high risk , low income children, and offer community outreach to the homeless.  We rely on community donations to support our mission in helping those in need. Our goal is to  offer supportive educational outreach services.


Making a difference in the Community

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Giving Back To Many Communities

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Prominent Chapters Corp Non-Profit

Dedicated to making a difference in the community.
501{C}{3} Non=Profit Organization

Volunteer Opportunities

Prominent Chapters Corp values our volunteers and appreciate those who help this nonprofit organization to give back to the community while we assist those in need. 

 Volunteer Opportunities  

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